What We Do


Promoting education is one of
the missions of the DAR

The DAR Good Citizens program is a wonderful way to recognize and reward outstanding high-school seniors in our community. The program and scholarship contest is intended to encourage and reward the qualities of good citizenship (dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities). The Chipeta Chapter works with schools in the Salida and Buena Vista areas and holds an event to honor and introduce the chapter winner each year.

Visit the Colorado State Society, NSDAR to learn more about the other types of scholarships available to high school and college students each year.


The DAR has carried the torch
of patriotism for 125 years

The Daughters of the Chipeta Chapter, NSDAR work closely with our local veterans and organizations to:

  • Coordinate the annual Wreaths Across America event for the Salida area cemeteries
  • Provide historical records for local Gold Star families
  • Assist veterans and active duty military and their families

Visit the National Society DAR to learn more about how patriotism is the foundation of many DAR activities and how we honor those who fought for freedom.


Historic Preservation projects are crucial to saving our history for future generations

The Daughters of the Chipeta Chapter, NSDAR recognize the importance of preserving the history of the Wild West and contribute to its conservation by:

  • Locating, restoring, and marking historical sites and location markers
  • Preserving genealogical records, artifacts, and historical documents
  • Sponsoring special programs promoting historical events and locations
  • Providing tours an educational material for local historical sites

Visit the National Society DAR to learn more about the DAR’s history and focus on Historic Preservation as wells as funding opportunities and exhibit sites available.


DAR Members have volunteered millions
of hours for their communities

The Daughters of the Chipeta Chapter, NSDAR regularly volunteer to assist with:

  • Cemetery cleanups
  • Veteran grave identification
  • Community education events
  • Help research direct linage Patriots

Visit the National Society DAR to learn more about the types of service projects the Daughters commit to every year across the nation.